Class MLContextException

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    public class MLContextException
    extends RuntimeException
    Uncaught exception representing SystemML exceptions that occur through the MLContext API.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • MLContextException

        public MLContextException()
      • MLContextException

        public MLContextException(String message,
                                  Throwable cause)
      • MLContextException

        public MLContextException(String message)
      • MLContextException

        public MLContextException(Throwable cause)
      • MLContextException

        public MLContextException(String message,
                                  boolean suppressStacktrace)
        Generate an exception and optionally suppress the stacktrace. This can be useful in an environment such as a Spark Shell in certain situations where a stacktrace may be extraneous.
        message - the exception message
        suppressStacktrace - true to suppress stacktrace, false otherwise

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