What is Apache SystemML?

Install SystemML

Level: Beginner   |   Time: 20 minutes

New to Apache SystemML? Try our quick install guide that will walk you through setting up your environment and getting you up and going with SystemML.‎

Tutorials Install SystemML

Sample Notebooks

Linear Regression Algorithms Demo

This notebook demonstrates the development of various linear regression algorithms in SystemML.

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Deep Learning Image Classification

This notebook shows SystemML Deep Learning functionality to map images of single digit numbers to their corresponding numeric representations.

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SystemML PySpark Recommendation Demo

This demonstrates using SystemML for product recommendation using Poisson NonNegative Matrix Factorization (PNMF) with PNMF algorithm written using R like syntax.

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SystemML Scala Tutorial

This tutorial includes simple example to run DML script and display output.

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This notebook demonstrates the invocation of the SystemML autoencoder script, and alternative ways of passing in/out data.

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DML Tips and Tricks

This example shows helpful matrix processing techniques and other linear algebra operations using SystemML's Declarative Machine Learning (DML) scripting language.

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